Wood is a natural product and can be subject to change. We have three top checks we do when building your fitted furniture to make sure the product looks good when installed, and stays looking good!

  1. When building, storing and painting your product we always lay and dry flat, any uneven storing could create an unsightly bow in the product, especially doors! We like to keep the bananas in the fruit bowl!
  2. When using unpainted wood like oak drawers, a kitchen top or rustic table we would always use a sealing oil, we would choose the lacquer with you for the desired finish which is usually has an invisible but strong protection. Doing this means the wood is protected by any accidents involving all too often wine spillages!
  3. Our spray shop finish means the wood has a really nice, light, but well covered layer of paint, with a hand brushed finish if desired. We use eco-friendly, water based paints where necessary. This means if you ever fancy a re-vamp and change in colour there isn’t heavy layers to re-decorate. This is the beauty of using wood!