Bespoke Bathrooms


Your bathroom should be a place where you can immerse yourself and isolate yourself from stress.

Often overlooked when it comes to furniture and clever design, the bathroom offers a great space for hand built furniture and solutions for storage. Faultless, flawless, seamless…whatever you want to call it, “perfect” storage solutions in bathrooms can prove challenging.

However, our creative and imaginative results can truly maximise the space available not only practically but with elegance and style, allowing us to create a luxurious or contemporary bathroom that provides a personal sanctuary, a place of Zen to rest in after a hard day.

We cater for all aspects of bespoke bathrooms specialising in vanity and basin units, sleek hardwood bath surrounds, mirrored frames, shelving and somewhere to keep your rubber duck. Our team hand-make your requirements, each item bspk’ly finished and fitted.

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